Mardi Gras Season is Here

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The Olympics just ended and it was a nice couple of weeks in Russia.  But nothing on this planet compares to the next 8 days here in New Orleans.  It’s Mardi gras time.

For a little over a week the metro New Orleans area is ground zero for fun.  Eastbank, Westbank, Metairie, Northshore, everyone has their best face on, literally.  Mardi gras is special.  We all can let out hair down, just a little, and have a good time.  We are experts at throwing a party.  Booze, wine, and beer is the easy part.  The food is a little bit more difficult but we seem to have that one figured out as well.  And the out of towners sure have a good time too.

The metro area, especially next Tuesday, is expecting an influx of around 1 million visitors.  Those visitors, along with us, bring in a half a billion dollar of economic impact to the region.  They’re really no losers with Mardi gras.  Fun for all and a very needed economic shot in the arm.  Enjoy the next 8 days doing what we do best-throwing a world class party.  It’s Mardi gras time.  Throw me something mister!   Because it promises to be a good time.