Road Home Action Network Team Calls for Federal Investigation

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Confused homeowners packed City Hall upset at Road Home program threats to pay money back.

A state legislative committee convened Monday evening to help get to the bottom of it.

Orleans Parish homeowners who say they complied with rules of the $10 billion Road Home initiative are at city hall to find out why.

The road home action network team is now calling for a federal investigation of all road home finances.

“This is to the point that we never know exactly how much money is there.  we get fed a lot of b.s.,” says

The grant program was created to help funnel nearly $10 billion into rebuilding homes after Katrina.

Now the state wants to recover money that wasn’t properly spent.

Homeowner Bobbie Jones says she’s reliving a major Katrina hassle, “Having to resubmit all this paperwork when now five years ago I thought it was done.”

Homeowner Julia Robison says her Road Home letter gives a new list of compliances, “And I did all that. Now they are asking me to give them the money back.”

Upstairs people wait and hope for a Road Home rep can help.

Like Connie Fields –Morales, stuck with a 145,000 billl, “My house has been fixed for six years and I sent them every paper they asked for. I refuse to pay for somebody`s hummer who took the money and didn`t fix their house.”

The Road Home Action Network Team wants the state to waive what they`re calling discriminatory threat letters