Edwin Edwards Getting Back in the Saddle?

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It’s all becoming perfectly clear now.  Edwin Edwards is considering running for congress.  That’s US congress.  The ex-con can’t run for state wide office, like the one he really wants, governor, for 15 years.   That’s what that guilty verdict will get you.  But it is becoming clear why Edwards is considering running.

Edwards said as much just the other day. “I’m just figuring out all the legalities and how to set up a super PAC”.  Ah, and the answer is revealed.  Like his former senate president, you know, the one who’s senate president today, big John Alario, Edwards has quickly figured out the new rules in Louisiana about self-created super PACs-there are none!  Besides a $100,000 donation limit that some politicians in this state would like removed, super PACs have become a free money grab for several powerful and influential politicians.  Edwards sees that and wants in.

He’s got a lot of business friends who would gladly give him lots of money.  Then the ex-gov can live the high life again.  Super PACs and the free spending money that come with them was obviously not the intention, but this is Louisiana and this is Edwin Edwards.  Earning money is for suckers.  Spending free money from donors and living good, that right up this convicted felons alley.  A possible US congressional run?  Who knows?  But a super PAC for Edwards is next.  It’s all becoming perfectly clear now.

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