Covington Officer Faces New Scrutiny In Referee Case Appeal

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Covington Police Chief Tim Lentz announced Tuesday that he placed one of his officers under investigation.  Lentz also said the officer, Sergeant Steven Short, will be on paid administrative leave while under investigation.

According to Lentz, the investigation stems from last year’s arrest of two football referees during a Covington High School game.

Short was one of the officers accused in the case and was disciplined as part of the subsequent investigation.

According to Lentz, Short is appealing  and is requesting specific information as part of his appeal.

In a written statement, Lentz says that Short requested certain phone records and witness interview information.  But Lentz also says that Short was never given specifics about the requested documents.

Lentz is launching the investigation to determine how Short found out about the documents he asked to subpoena.