All-Star Weekend

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Another weekend in New Orleans, another big event.  For the 2nd time in just the last 6 years, New Orleans hosted another NBA All-star game.  The game itself is just part of a whole weekend of festivities.  The NBA world made our city it’s home and we did not disappoint.  One thing New Orleans truly does better than anyone else or anywhere else is throw a party.

It’s part of our DNA.  It’s in our blood.  We know how to entertain folks and show them a good time.  The food, music, bar scene, venues, hotels, and even the weather was all first class.  NBA stars like Lebron James and former Hornet Chris Paul were giving back to the city by volunteering their precious time and visiting kids groups in the metro area.  Arnie Fielkow, the former city council president, now runs the NBA retired players association, and he had his guys out in force too.

We put out best foot forward too and the NBA reciprocated.  The weekend was such a success that the NBA is rumored to be discussing just how quickly they can return.  Some NBA cities don’t care to host the event or simply can’t pull it off.  New Orleans is made for this.  Like a Superbowl, Final 4, or College Football National Championship.  For New Orleans, its just another weekend in the city and another big event.