Nagin Conviction

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Ex-New Orleans Mayor Marc Morial has done a great job lately.  A great job of keeping his mouth shut.  For over a decade, we haven’t heard a peep from Morial.  Nothing.  Friends of the ex-mayor would say “he’s busy in New York running the urban league”.  Those not so fond of Morial would say “the Feds were breathing down his throat, he knew to stay away and keep quiet”.  Whatever the reason, the citizens of New Orleans have been blessed with the mysterious absence of the ex-mayor.  Until now.  Morial couldn’t leave well enough alone.  He has to chime in.  Had to add his 2 cents worst.  And all it was worth was about 2 cents.

Talk about comic relief when Morial, reacting to Nagin’s conviction, said ” Elected office is a sacred public trust, and ineptitude, lack of integrity, and abuse of power have no seat at the table… It is a sad day for all of us when those who are elected and entrusted to protect our citizens demonstrate such little regard for the tremendous duty and responsibility…”  This is a joke right?   Morial was making a funny, right?   Morial using words like “trust”, “integrity”, “protect”, “duty”, “responsibility”, are kind of funny, no doubt.  Or pathetically sad.  The ex-mayor should have kept his yap shut.  Even with Nagin’s conviction, one jury is still out-which administration was actually more corrupt?  Lets call it a draw.