Juicing: What’s The Trend All About?

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This Valentine’s Day many are skipping the chocolates and trading them in for veggies. Juicing has become a trendy way to treat and cleanse your body. WGNO News Anchor Vanessa Bolano gives it a try.

“I think it was already a big thing in the West coast and also the East coast, and now down South we are catching on,” says Rachel Williams, Manager The Green Fork.

Juicing has become a trendy way to care for your body from the inside out. At The Green Fork you can find recipes to cure a hangover, beat the bloat, relax an upset tummy and fight a cold. One of their most popular options is the three day cleanse.

“Our intestines and our stomachs are lined with years and years of buildup and backup. You want to give that a chance to flush out,” explains Williams.

The cleanse consists of a spicy lemonade made with cayenne pepper, a revitalizing elixir made with apple cider vinegar, and raw cashew milk for protein. Plus, three veggie packed juices.

“If you look at the vegetables that go into making those three drinks, not one person could ever consume that in one day. It’s pretty amazing,” says Williams.

Owner Trey Buerger says, “It’s a cool new trend, but I think it’s a trend that people are sticking with because it makes them feel really good. People are losing weight. They’re seeing the difference in the way that their skin looks and their body reacts. They’re having a lot of nutrition through juice.”

It’s a trend Owner Trey Buerger says helps you heal. Loads of vegetables literally packed into each sip. A trend Buerger believes will stand the test of time because of the results.


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