Insider Info On Pierre The Pelican’s New Look

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The picture of a bandaged Pierre the Pelican is working its way through cyber space, making headlines everywhere.

Over the weekend Pierre busted his beak during a pickup game. The impact was caught on camera.

Team physician Ochsner’s Dr. Matthew McQueen came to the rescue.

“It’s a pretty devastating injury. I can’t say I’ve ever seen anything like that. You know these mascots are pretty big and to have his nose bent back the way it was, I’m just not sure how he could tolerate that,” says Dr. McQueen.

Pierre the Pelican made his NBA debut only months ago, but since the beginning it’s been a bumpy ride. Online his looks have received harsh criticism; some even calling him the most terrifying mascot in sports.

The busted beak could be a blessing in disguise. A new image perhaps?

“Well it’s a little bit of a secret, but I can say that it’s mostly the beak. I never thought that he looked that scary in the first place and I think some of the mascots are supposed to be a little intimidating. It’s a sport and they want to project power and all that, and I think he’s still going to be able to accomplish that pretty well,” says Dr. McQueen.

McQueen says Pierre’s new beak will be rounder and not so stiff.

“His beak has a little motion this time. It’s different. It’s going to have some activity to it,” explains Dr. McQueen.

Pierre had his surgery at Ochsner Medical Center.  He’ll be showing off his new look Wednesday when the Pelicans take on the Milwaukee bucks.