Artists Camp at City Hall For Permits

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A growing group of artists is camping out at New Orleans City Hall.  They’re lining-up to get one, of 20 available, permits to display their work around Jackson Square.

A typo at City Hall caused a mix-up in the dates.  Now, the permits will be available on Wednesday, just in time for the NBA All Star crowd.

But the limited number of available permits brought artists to City Hall over the weekend.  Some have tents; all plan to stay and hold their place in line until Wednesday.

“We’re not being able to create our art,” said camping artist Jenny Sholars. “We’re here to get this license.”

Other artists weren’t as upset with the outing.

“I really have nothing better to do,” said Donald Grimble.

To establish an order for receiving the permits, the artists are marking numbers on their hands.

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