Nagin Taking a Gamble

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Nothing surprises me with ex-New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin.  His corruption trial has begun and Nagin is going full steam ahead.  Most insiders felt Nagin would have plead guilty considering the mountain of evidence against him but the ex-mayor has decided to fight.  There is even talk of Nagin taking the stand.  Now that would make for some good court drama.

The Feds have basically said what they’ve been saying all along, Nagin took money from city vendors in exchange for lucrative city contracts.  Nagin says it would be impossible for him to do that considering his administration didn’t have the authority to dole out any contracts.  A jury of 12 will decide Nagin’s fate now and most expect that decision to come down in about a week or so.  Nagin is looking to get off.  The Feds are looking to put him behind bars for 20+ years.  A guilty plea and rumored plea deal and would have netted the ex-mayor around 5 years.  But were talking about Ray Nagin and making the right choice or doing the right thing was never his strong suit.  Now his trial is moving ahead at a rapid pace.  The ex-mayor is all in now with a Superbowl sized bet he’s most likely going to lose.