6-Year Old Dies, Suspected Hit-And-Run Driver Arrested

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HIT A suspected hit-and-run driver is under arrest and the family of his alleged 6-year old victim is planning a funeral.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter spoke to neighbors about the accident.

“It hurts when a child has been struck down by a car,” neighbor Joyce Frey said.

Joyce Frey was filled with emotion as she began a memorial for Shaud Wilson.

The 6-year old was struck and killed by a car Monday morning on his way to school.

“It could have been one of ours we live down here,” Elridge Frey said.

The accident happened around 7-am, at the intersection of Paris Avenue and Lafreniere Street.

Cameras mounted outside Lucy’s Market captured it on video.

WGNO News did not show the point of impact, but the video shows what appears to be the victims darting into oncoming traffic.

After the accident the victim’s 9-year old sister is seen getting up and walking way.

Another section of the video shows frantic neighbors chasing after the hit and run driver.

“He should have stopped,” Elridge Frey said.

“You have to stop and deal with whatever event that has happened, man, woman, and child,” neighbor Elloit Julin said. “You gotta be man enough to get out your car and deal with whatever happened and explain your side of the story.”

Neighbors say during early morning hours when school kids are walking, Paris Avenue is an accident waiting to happen because of so many speeding drivers.

“Slow down, drive slowly because there are kids that go to school and stuff and I just want them to be safe,” Joyce Frey said.

“This is a residential area,” Elridge Frey said. “This is not a speedway or interstate.”

Five hours after the accident, police located the dark gray Honda they’d been looking for.  It was about a quarter-mile away on Charlton Drive.

They arrested 22-year old Arthur Toledano and booked him with manslaughter, attempted manslaughter, hit-and-run, and reckless operation of a motor vehicle.

Meantime, back near the scene concerned neighbors were thinking about the victim and his family.

“It hurts; his little life was cut short,” Joyce Frey said. “I’m going to keep lifting up the prayers and y’all be strong you know.”


  • esco

    I'm glad they caught the guy responsible, drivers need to keep their eyes on the road and what's ahead of them and stop when these things happen. As well too many people won't set their cellphone down either. Very sad and tragic.

    • AhContraire

      Did you see the video of the hit-and-run?
      The 2 kids were SPRINTING, RUNNING across street. There is no way the driver could stop or even see the kids as all of the sudden they RAN out in front.

      That intersection has a CROSS WALK….not a CROSS RUN, or a CROSS SPRINT.

      Once you start to RUN across, its a lot harder to stop than walking.

      The parent and kids are clearly at fault and are responsible for this accident in more ways than one.

  • AhContraire

    Have the school bus drivers reroute or move their bus pickup and drop off locations on busy streets like this, to a nearby residential side street that has far less traffic in the first place.
    Not every school bus stop is on a busy street so it will not be that many bus stops that are moved to residential streets. If it's really dangerous, maybe the school bus can travel to both sides of the busy street and have two separate bus stops where the kids won't have to cross the street to begin with.

    Allocate a little more money to the school bus budget to make these school bus boarding stops to be within these residential streets permanently instead of trying "to squeeze every dollar out of a school bus budget" by making transfers on these busy streets just to
    (a) save as much gas as possible,
    (b) minimize the number of bus stops and
    (c) minimize total travel time.

    The current way these school bus routes are setup does not take into account the the safety of kids arriving and departing from these boarding and drop off locations.

    If you add all the money needed for new and current
    (1) school crossing zones,
    (2) school zone flashing lights and maintenance,
    (3) the daily crossing guard and support personnel

    you will see the above money could be used to move and increase the number of bus stops to a safer residential locations as mentioned above.

    And this include those school crossing closest to schools. Sure the trip is short, but a few school buses can act as a shuttle. Plus, it would help parents find parking in residential areas as opposed to some of the really busy streets that get totally congested from parents waiting for their kids or dropping them off close to the school. This shuttle service is similar to what is used at big events to reduce congestion.

    The fact there are even Speed Camera for school zones shows that some of these school bus routes and stop locations are inherently dangerous due to busy street traffic. In fact, just adding and moving the bus stops to residential areas is safer for everyone to begin with, kids, parents, buses and other drivers. This is also not to mention the traffic jams these school buses create when stopped in heavy traffic to pick up kids or let them off.

    Follow this school bus stop crossing conversation: http://bit.ly/1fpTHM7

    Or follow me at Twitter: AhContraire

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