Election Results

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Mayoral race: Mayor Mitch Landrieu

Sheriff’s Race: Runoff between Orleans Parish Sheriff Marlin Gusman & former Sheriff Charles Foti

Coroner’s Race: Runoff between Dwight McKenna & Jeffrey Rouse.

Criminal District Court Clerk: Arthur Morrell

City Council District A: Susan Guidry

City Council District C: Runoff between Jackie Clarkson & Nadine Ramsey

City Council District D: Jared Brossett

City Council District E: James Gray

City Council At-Large Division 1: Stacy Head

City Council At-Large Division 2: Runoff between Cynthia Hedge-Morrell & Jason Williams

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  • Babara Hoover

    Former State Court Judge Nadine Ramsey – is one of the State court judges – who make illegal withdrawals from the state court registry – under the guise of "sanctions" – on documents disguised as state court judgments from "alleged" hearings that NEVER occurred, no transcripts exist of any testimony – and has these matters covered-up – by corrupt attorneys in these embezzlement schemes w corrupt state court judges – that are also Racketeering activities involving the RICO statutes.

    The Louisiana Judiciary Commission ignored these matters – regardless of the fact that at the very same time a clerk working in Dale Atkins office as the Clerk of Court for the Parish of Orleans – was caught embezzling over $420,000.00 – Four Hundred and Twenty Thousand dollars – in just TWO withdrawals. These matters have to involve corrupt BANK officials – cashing checks for a serious amount of money – withdrawn from the state court registry – and getting authorization from the Office of the Clerk of Civil Court. But the investigation stopped at the clerk?!

    Who audits the money held in the state court registry – for the Office of The Clerk of Civil Court?
    Dale Atkins

    No wonder people are afraid to do business in New Orleans. This a "civil" court this corrupt – with state court judges participating in such criminal activities,
    how would former CDC Judge Nadine Ramsey be as a City Council member – at Large?

    When Steve Scheckman from the Louisiana Judiciary Commission – was interviewed for a segment on a National TV magazine, he was asked if it were true that State Court judges throw out political favors openly in the court room. At first, he would not respond, but then admitted it was true.

    The FBI should have met him at the airport.

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