First Week of Nagin Corruption Trial Comes to a Close

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Ray Nagin and his defense team make their daily stroll across the park to the United States Courthouse where testimony in the federal case against the accused former New Orleans mayor picks up where prosecutors left off the day before.

Key witnesses the federal government brings to the stand are Nagin’s alleged partners in crime now testifying against him.

Already convicted , contractor Rodney Williams returned to the stand telling jurors he flat out bribed Nagin with lavish holidays and money.

When assistant U.S. Attorney Matthew Coman asked Williams, “would you be here today had you not bribed the mayor?”

Williams answered,” No.”

Former city hall chief technology officer Greg Meffert, who also pleaded guilty for his part in accepting bribes, testified how city contractor Mark St. Pierre bank rolled much of the scheme.

Meffert also  told the jury Nagin signed an executive order allowing him  to issue city contracts to whoever he wanted.

The days final witness to take the stand is disaster management businessman Frank Fradella, also convicted for conspiring to bribe Nagin.

Fradella said he too arranged for elaborate trips for Nagin, which helped secure city contracts making his business four million dollars.

Fradella returns to the stand Monday for cross examination.