Malcolm Jenkins: Football Turned Fashion Icon

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Wonder how some of your favorite New Orleans Saints players are keeping busy now that their season is over?  Safety Malcolm Jenkins recently launched his own bow tie collection.  They’re made right here in New Orleans.  News With A Twist reporter Deepak Saini got a look at the latest accessories from a football turned fashion icon.

On the field, Malcolm Jenkins is a show stopper!  Off the field, the Saints Safety is a sight to behold.

“In most locker rooms its like a fashion show for the guys.  That’s kind of how I got into bow ties.  I wanted to stand out and separate myself,” says Malcolm Jenkins.

When nothing stands out, you get your wife to help you make some of your own.

“We googled how to make bow ties.  We even got some fabric and a sewing machine and stayed up all night until we figured out how to do it.  Well, I figured out how to do it.  She quit,” says Jenkins.

Before he knew it, Malcolm became tied to the bow tie business.

“People who wear bow ties usually tend to have a bond.  It’s unspoken.  You just see them and you know.  So there’s a sense of neighborhood.  So that’s where I came up with the name Rock Avenue.  Cause that’s where I grew up.  It reminded me of my neighborhood,” says Jenkins.

A street in New Jersey became the namesake for his venture into the fashion world.  Even sporting a bow tie at a young age, Malcolm probably always had a knack for fashion.  It’s evident by his latest designs.  Tying a bow tie takes skill.  Even Saints punter Thomas Morstead needed some help at one of Jenkins’ charity fundraisers.

“When Thomas came, he had it undone.  I Had to fix him up before he got out to the event,” says Jenkins.

Malcolm says a lot of his teammates are warming up to bow ties.  Zack Strief has a couple of Malcolm’s ties, so does Pierre Thomas and Lance Moore.  And what kind of tie would he put on Drew Brees?

“I think just a regular striped navy blue tie.  Cause when I see him, his suits are usually light blue.  Or shirts are light blue.  Grey suits.  Nothing really out there.  Drew isn’t flashy.  As long as you wear it with confidence, then it usually looks good,” says Jenkins.