Crawfish Hard To Find & Expensive

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If you are planning to boil some crawfish as you watch the Super Bowl this weekend you may be out of luck. WGNO News Anchor Vanessa Bolano says our recent cold snap is making the mud bugs hard to find, and jacking prices way up.

Shrimp is what’s up for grabs at the Westwego Seafood Market. If you’re searching for crawfish you’ll have no luck here.

“Our winters are killing us a little bit, but hoping Mother Nature can have a good season for us because the crawfish guys, they say it was going to look good,” says Ricky Paul Lee Sr. with Ruthann & Rob’s Seafood Unlimited.

Ricky Paul Lee Senior says he usually has crawfish on hand this time of year. Now there’s none. An unseasonably cold Winter has kept them away.

“Well, it makes them bury into the mud. It makes the crawfish bury into the mud. It makes the crabs bury into the mud. It makes it harder to get shrimp. You know, Winter makes everything harder to get!”

Harder to get is not what anxious customers with crawfish cravings want to hear.

Luis Batiste of Avondale says, “You got to get that taste bud ready for the crawfish. It’s that time.”

Amy Ledet of Westwego says, “We definitely usually have a Super Bowl party with crawfish. Crawfish is usually our main dish.”

Wally Nicaud of New Orleans says, “The early crawfish has good flavor, but they run small, but they are sweet early in the season.”

At The Seafood Pot in St. Charles Parish they are serving up the mud bugs if you’re willing to pay top dollar.

“This time of year we’re normally getting a lot more than what we’re getting right now,” says manager Erik Donnaud, “The fishermen are getting paid $4 a pound per sack. $4 a pound, and we’ve never had it that high before.”

In stores you’re looking at spending close to $6 per pound.

The price is too high for some. Several will tough it out now and hope for the best come Spring.