The Morning After “Snowmageddon”

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Some people say that our “Snowmageddon” was more of a “Snowmah-dud.”  News With A Twist reporter Deepak Saini talked to folks Wednesday morning after the big chill.

There’s enough ice to bring chill to your bones.

Christie Soto says, “There’s not enough clothing for how cold it is out here.”

Lauren Navarro adds, “It’s pretty cold!  The wind makes it a lot worse.”

People woke up Wednesday morning to find ice on their roofs and cars.  While the fountain in Coliseum Park may be flowing,  it’s too cold to enjoy from this icy bench.  In preparation for the worst, the entire city shut down.  Even I-10 and multiple bridges were on lockdown.

Tamara Muro says, “I’m happy that our city officials shut down the schools because my brother, in Atlanta, had to abandon his car on the freeway and walk home, his phone died.  So our government officals took care of us. We didn’t have people walking home in the snow.”

Lauren Navarro says, “Maybe closing the roads was a bit much.  State of emergency might have been much, but it wasn’t that bad yesterday.  I went to work yesterday and it was fine.”

Sal Pusateri says, “They definitely made a big deal out of it, but it’s hard to be critical when you’re talking about ice and sleet and you don’t want people driving around and getting hurt.”