Winter Storm Shuts Down New Orleans

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From miniature snowmen to ice covered cars, Mid-City residents are happy with just enough winter weather and now too much.”

I tried to do something with what we got; not much going happening, but make the best with what you got,” says Margie White.

Throughout the city everything it quite quiet. Uptown popular streets are deserted. Many residents are staying indoors until the caving fever kicks in.

“I don’t know if we can have cabin fever in New Orleans, but there is cabin fever,” says Timothy Pittman, “my friend and I took a walk. There’s no work today so I’m looking forward to going to work tomorrow because it’s not that bad.”

For others it is the four legged friends that made them come out.”I think this is better than what I expected because in other places it was more bad. I hope nothing more comes,” says Jose Rodriguez

From Uptown to Downtown several bars and restaurants are open. At Lucy’s it’s business as usual with a crowd of some locals and lots of tourists.

“I worked 12 hours today. This is like a heat wave. I’m from Chicago. I flew in Sunday night,” explains New Orleans resident Larry Van Zuidam, “It was like -17 in Chicago today with -42 windchill, so this is kind of nice.”

 “It surprises me. This is a heat wave in Michigan,” says tourist Mark Wilson, “I’ve been watching and it’s funny to us. It’s just not that cold.”