Dead Man Talking

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In the film Dead Man Walking, Sister Helen Prejean famously opposed(1) the execution of convicted killer Patrick Sonnier. Opponents of the death penalty hailed Prejean’s actions but the Catholic Church never opposed(2) civilization’s protecting their citizens from murderers, like Christopher Sepulvado. Sepulvado has admitted committing the acts that led to the death of his 6 year old stepson Wesley Allen Mercer and is set to be executed on 5 February. Sepulvado is appealing the sentence using every possible codicil(3) including the 8th Amendment to the US Constitution. But there’s a problem with that: the U.S. Government isn’t executing Sepulvado, the State of Louisiana is and the Federal Bill of Rights does not apply.(4) He could appeal under Louisiana Constitution, Article I Section 22 but I seem to be the only citizen in this state that believes our bill of rights still applies.

You see, Angola has announced(5) it will be using the 2 chemical injection that unceremoniously executed murderer Dennis McGuire in Ohio 2 weeks ago. According to witnesses McGuire endured a fair amount of pain during the process. Now Sepulvado protests that this “cruel and unusual punishment” is somehow unfair, but that relies on you not knowing how Wesley was killed. The child was beaten about the head with the butt of a screwdriver until he passed out and then dumped into a tub filled with near boiling water. When Sepulvado relented and took the child to the hospital, 30 minutes after his death, 58% of his body was so badly burned that skin was missing. Wesley’s scalp had detached from his skull, the result of the severity of the beating Sepulvado administered. Whether Patrick Sepulvado can be forgiven for his sin is for God to judge, he has most convincingly violated our laws, against an innocent child and for that our laws must be enforced.