Multiple Agencies Prepare for Winter Storm

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The American Red Cross is on standby tonight and The Blood Center needs donations to help anyone who might be injured in car accidents on slick roads.  News With A Twist reporter Deepak Saini shows us how multiple agencies are trying to make sure everyone stays safe.

The American Red Cross is working with the city of New Orleans to help citizens get through the upcoming winter storm.

“If we’re requested to open a shelter, we have our shelter teams on standby and ready to go,” says Melissa Eugene with the American Red Cross.

The Red Cross says the number of fires increase when the temperature drops.  The recommend that you do not use a stove or an oven to heat your home, and if you’re using a space heater, put it on a hard surface and keep anything at least 3-feet away.

“That includes paper, any sort of paper, books, magazines, bedding clothing, rugs or curtains,” says Eugene.

Other ways you can stay safe include:  Keeping your thermostat at the same temperature during the day and night to avoid freezing pipes; watch for symptoms of frostbite; get medical attention of you have symptoms of hypothermia; check on your neighbors, especially elderly people living alone; and don’t forget about your pets!

“If it’s too cold for human beings outside, then it’s definitely cold for pets. so bring those pets inside and make sure they have access to clean, fresh, unfrozen water,” says Eugene.

The cold weather will also threaten the city’s blood supply.

“Car accidents will also factor into the supply and increase in the demand, and we will need people to come in once it’s safe to travel again,” says Amanda Chittenden with The Blood Center.

The Blood Center needs to collect up to 350 pints of blood a day.  Your donation can help save 3 lives!

“It’s the blood on the shelf during a disaster or tragedy that helps save lives,” says Chittenden.

Help yourself and help others during this next winter blast.