Jindal & Education

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Bobby Jindal is a funny man.  Our republican governor knows raising taxes is a political no-no.  But that’s exactly what Jindal just did to fund his ridiculously small higher education funding increases.   Jindal, for years has been the education governor who doesn’t seem to understand funding education.  Quite the opposite actually.  Jindal has singlehandedly cut the higher education budget in Louisiana more than any other state.  He has crippled Louisiana’s ability to compete.  LSU for instance, ranks only ahead of the two Mississippi schools as far as academics, meaning 11 of the 14 SEC schools rank ahead of LSU academically.

It makes sense when you consider Jindal slashed higher ed by hundreds of millions in his first 6 years in office.  Now he’s essentially raised tuition by eliminating many of the benefits of the TOPS program.  He says he’s increasing funding for higher ed.  I say he’s simply jacking up tuition costs for the average student while eliminating parts of the greatest education tool in our states history.   Jindal is a political nightmare for higher ed.  He controls the LSU board like an insecure dictator and cuts high ed like a farmer at harvest.  Jindal wants you to think he’s against higher taxes for us and for improved higher education.  The facts prove otherwise.