Brrrr… it’s Cold! Dreaming of Warmer Weather

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We don’t have to tell you, it’s cold and icy outside!  It’s a rare occasion for us in the deep South, but we’re really having to deal with winter, one that involves snow!  News With A Twist reporter Deepak Saini trekked around town to see what locals and tourists think of our recent arctic blast.

From snow on the North Shore to rain and sleet in New Orleans, baby, it’s cold outside!

Mother Sabrina Canfield’s little boy is all bundled up.  “He’s got a long sleeve shirt, a hoodie, a vest, a warm jacket and a blanket,” says Canfield.

For locals, this is downright cold!

U.S. Postal Service worker Charlotte Quinn says, “I’m freezing!  My feet!  I can barely feel my feet!   But the mail has to get delivered, so I have to do my job.”

Another New Orleans resident says, “It’s horrendous!  Cold.  Too cold.  Bone cold!”

Denise Bishop says, “People up North are probably laughing at us right now.”

You bet they are!

John, a resident from Virginia says, “It’s a riot to see some of those people walking around like marshmallows.”

New Orleans resident Brenda says, “I have on double layered long underwear, I have on a wool sweater, my down coat, I have on my beanie, my scarf, my boots and my socks.”

Virginia resident Pete Curler says, “You come to Louisiana and you think you’re going to see everyone in shorts and a t-shirt.”

Michigan resident Mike Haas says, “It’s below Zero where we’re from in northern Michigan.  This is a heat wave.”

You would think!  But today it’s warmer in South Dakota, Alaska and Sochi, where the Olympics will be held, than it is in New Orleans.

“That’s crazy.  Maybe they should just have the Olympics in New Orleans,” says John from Virginia.

We may have found a contender– a girl running in Audubon Park in springtime clothes!

Silke Vanpeer says, “I was actually thinking about dropping the jacket.  You were thinking about dropping the jacket? Yeah, but then I thought it can’t be that healthy so I might as well just keep it on.”

In the meantime, just pray for a warmer day.