A Government Of The Prostitutes For The Prostitutes

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Surfing the internet can be a bewildering experience. The use of cliches and catch phrases is as ubiquitous as poor grammar and bickering that would never take place in a barber shop. I also find the American public woefully unaware of their current political systems. For example, if you live in WhoDat country and wish to pontificate about the next governor of this state, that governor is the elected leader of YOUR nation. That’s right. Before Americans became propagandized into believing they were solely citizens of the Blob of America, the States served as one’s country which was a member in a union of States but you were always a citizen of the nation of Louisiana. We know this because in the state’s first Constitution of 1812 the following describes WHO is entering the Union “…the Territory or country ceded under the name of Louisiana.”

Second, now that David Vitter has announced his intention to run for the office of Governor when, the time displaced members of “The Know Nothing Party” have arisen to remind everyone that Senator Vitter has been in “our nation’s Senate” during its “worst performance ever.” Actually, the Senate of our Union’s “worst performance ever” was from 1913-1920. During this time our Union’s slimy slide into the Blob of America began in earnest with the passage of: The Income Tax Amendment, The Federal Reserve Act, The Seventeenth Amendment which abolished the State’s role in selecting Senators, our entry into World War I, a war we had no business in, and the cherry on top, Prohibition. David Vitter’s personal & public record are fair game in politics but the hoi polloi’s ignorance of their own form of government suggests it really doesn’t matter who is elected to “govern our nation.” A prostitute’s client or a prostitute for the corrupt, illiterates we have become.