Wednesday’s Wheel of Justice Report Includes An Arrest In a Previously Reported Murder

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Wednesday’s Wheel of Justice report included an arrest in a murder case from April of 2013.  St. John Sheriff Mike Tregre announced the arrest of 24-year-old Antoine Fourcha for the murder of Donovan Bailey.  Bailey was shot and killed while inside a van.  WGNO’s Wheel of Justice reports profiled the crime and subsequent increases in the Crimestoppers reward for tips.  Wednesday, Tregre said Crimestoppers tips led to the arrest.

Wednesday’s report also included a theft at a Shell station on the north shore.  Covington police say someone called the night crew and claimed to be the store’s general manager.  He told them he was sending a woman by to pick up the store’s cash and to leave a key.  Later that night, a woman showed up, picked-up the cash, and left some sort of key.  Covington police say neither the caller nor the woman had any affiliation with the business.

Also on Wednesday, police released video of an attack in the 600 block of Dumaine Street.  The video shows two women walking behind a trio of men.  At one point, the men turn around, attack the women, and steal at least one of their purses.

If you have information that can help solve a crime, phone in your tip to Crimestoppers,  You could get a reward, and you do not have to leave your name.  The number is 504-822-1111.