The Race for Governor

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David Vitter has thrown his hat into the ring for Louisiana governor.  And right away he is the prohibitive favorite to win.  With millions on hand and super PAC millions available, Vitter is ready.  Fellow republican Jay Dardenne, our Lt. Governor, is also running.  Dardenne is a real nice guy.  Will he have to bring up Vitter’s “serious sin” to compete?  Will he remain a “good guy” after doing that?

The democrats are putting up state rep John Bell Edwards.  Who?   Yeah, exactly.

This election could get real interesting if state treasurer John Kennedy were to run.  That would change everything.   Kennedy, a Republican, who was once a Democrat, will get some Republican votes and many democrat votes, especially in a run off versus Vitter.  The big question would be could Kennedy take away enough republican votes from Vitter to win?  Kennedy has about $3 million in his war chest with the capability to raise millions more quickly.  Right now its David Vitter race to lose.  But if state treasurer John Kennedy gets in the race, that would change everything.