A-List Actors To Set Up Shop In New Orleans

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Award season is upon us and the rest of the world is taking note: Hollywood South is legit. WGNO News Anchor Vanessa Bolano says 2014 is shaping up to be even hotter with big name celebrities in town you may soon run into.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Emilia Clarke, Will Farrell, Kevin Hart, Michael Shannon, Kirsten Dunst, Sienna Miller and Ryan Reynolds; they’re just some of the big name actors you may bump into in the Crescent City this year.

Katie Williams, Director of Film New Orleans, says we’ve solidified ourselves as a film hub deserving of the title Hollywood South.

“I don’t know where that name came from. It’s funny, but we make more movies in the state of Louisiana than anywhere else in the country outside of L.A. and New York,” says Williams.

Actor and stuntman Ned Yousef moved to New Orleans five years ago.

“I went from five years ago where you could name the movies that are in town on your hands, like there’s this, and this, and this, and this, and then now you can’t. You lose track,” explains Yousef.

He says the opportunities here are endless.

“It’s a big thing when you get a chance to get in front of a producer or a director. Your odds in New Orleans are better because there’s not a lot of competition,” says Yousef.

“We estimate at this point in our industry that 80% of any crew you see out and about in New Orleans is made up of local residents, which is an incredible thing to think about,” says Williams, “I mean, at any given time there’s between six and eight crews filming in New Orleans, and anywhere between a 30 person crew to a 250 person crew.”

One of the biggest productions scheduled to set up shop this spring is ‘Terminator 5.’

Upcoming Projects *from Film New Orleans

Terminator 5

Get Hard

The D Train

Mississippi Grind


Midnight Special

In Production

Cat Run 2