Broussard Video Deposition Played At J.P. Katrina Flood Trial

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Aaron Broussard testified Thursday afternoon in the Katrina flooding lawsuit against him and Jefferson Parish.

The former parish president is serving prison time on a federal corruption charge, so Broussard did not testify in person.  Instead, jurors watched a video deposition of Broussard that was recorded in November 2007.

In the deposition, Broussard says he did not order the evacuation of the parish’s pump operators as Hurricane Katrina approached.  Broussard also says he did not know the operators had been evacuated until after they’d already been moved.

Broussard goes on to say that he was unaware at the time of the storm that the parish had a “Doomsday” plan for a catastrophic weather event.  He also says many of the parish’s actions during Katrina were dictated by benchmarks of the plan, not by his orders.

Jurors were unable to hear all of Broussards video deposition due to a technical issue.  Lawyers hope to have the problem corrected so the rest of the former parish president’s testimony can be heard Friday morning.