Nagin On Trial

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It’s crunch time for ex-mayor C. Ray Nagin.  It’s beyond the 2 minute warming.  The final seconds are ticking off the clock.  One short week from Monday, Nagin is scheduled for trial.  I stress “scheduled” for trial.  There’s a pretty good chance Nagin never sees judge Ginger Berrigan’s court room.  For most anyone else, with the exception of Edwin Edwards and bill Jefferson, a guilty plea would be a no brainer.

Multiple witnesses, that have already plead guilty, lined up ready to testify.  The Feds case seems overwhelming.  But who knows what ole C Ray is thinking or if he’s even thinking at all.  Thinking properly was never Nagin’s strong suit.  Why would one think that’s changed.  But now, time is almost up.  Legal experts believe if Nagin pleads guilty he’ll spend about 5-7 years behind bars.  But if the ex-mayor decides to roll the dice and go to trial a week from Monday, most believe he will be found guilty on most of the 21 counts against him and could serve over 20 years in a federal jail.  The choice is entirely up to Nagin.  5 years  or 20?  It’s crunch time for Nagin.  The game is almost over.  Guilty plea or a trial.  With just seconds left on the clock, what will Nagin do?   It should be an interesting next few days.