A “Warrior Cop” Displays A Troubling “Skill-Set” In Tampa Theater

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Two and a half years ago a lot of people were asking why there was no one armed with a concealed-carry-weapon in that Aurora Colorado theater, shot up by madman James Holmes. Today people are asking why a retired cop was armed in a Tampa FL theater and why he would shoot the movie-goer behind him for sending text messages? To make matters worse, if that’s possible, the victim was texting his 3 year old daughter who will now grow up without a father.

My dander was raised when I learned that the shooter/cop helped establish the Tampa “tactical response team” commonly known as a “SWAT” team. These para-military groups have proliferated alongside our appetite for never-ending undeclared wars overseas. Until recently, the peaceful hamlet of Covington Louisiana fielded a SWAT Team I surmise was to respond, with lethal force, should a Who Dat make a cash wager on the Seahawks/Saints game.

Seriously, in author Radley Balko’s book “Rise of The Warrior Cop,” the shooter at the Tampa theater fits that description. In Balko’s book you will find dozens of violent incidents perpetrated by the “warrior cop”. One South Carolina man made the mistake of hosting a poker game at his home which ended when warrior cops, in full military gear broke down his door without warning, and shot him while his friends dove for cover. The public is mortified to even mention this buildup of the hometown police state as if similar buildups in Berlin & St Petersburg happened overnight. It is not the “paranoid, radical” who should be ringing the alarm bell at the rise of the de facto standing army the warrior cop staffs, it is the Patriot, recognizing the imperialism of the warrior cop who fears for the liberty of his homeland and his home.
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