Local Businessman Stunned By Gun As Robbers Steal Truck, Wallet, and Cell Phone

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A local businessman got the shock of his life when he was held up at gunpoint on Saturday afternoon in the Fontainbleau neighborhood.

What started off as a bright, sunny day for 29-year old, Tim Baudier, quickly turned dark and dreary when he was unexpectedly stunned by a gun.

“They came up and one of the men held a gun out.  He said give me your keys and he pointed the gun right at my chest.  I gave up my keys to my truck, then the other man stole my wallet and cell phone,”  Baudier said.

Minutes ealier, Baudier noticed two black males wandering around the neighborhood on Cadiz Street.  He said he thought they looked suspicious and he’d never seen them in the area before.  Baudier was checking in on his tenants in a home, which he owns right on the corner.

When the man with the gun approached, “I just looked at him and said is this seriously happening,”?

Baudier and his friend and tenant, Greg Williamson tried to chase the robbers in Williamson’s car.  They didn’t want to confront them, but they were trying to keep track of where they were going.  Unfortunately, they couldn’t catch up.

“It’s a maze of streets and so many options to leave.  I think there need to be better tools for the police to use to track stolen vehicles,”  Williamson said.

A day later and Baudier is still replaying the scary scene.  He’s talking it through with his wife of 6 years, Holly Baudier.

“He could’ve been shot over a truck.  I was just terrified. Last night, I was telling Tim I could’ve gone to bed a widow.  I could’ve woke up this morning without a husband, ”  she said.

When faced with danger, Baudier said there’s no point in putting up a fight.  A life is more valuable than material things.

Police found Baudier’s truck burned and wrecked last night in the 9th ward.

NOPD continues to investigate and are police are still looking for the suspects.

If anyone has any information to help police solve this crime, call Crimestoppers 504-822-1111.