Sno Wizard Shop Transforms Into Haydel’s Bakery Pop-Up for Mardi Gras

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Now that Carnival season is underway, king cakes are popping up everywhere.

If you’re looking for a king cake Uptown, look no further.

The new Haydel’s Bakery Pop-Up Outlet opened on King’s Day.  You no longer have to drive to Haydel’s on Jefferson Highway to get yourself a king cake.

“This is the first time we’ve ever done anything like this.  We just want to give people in that area easy access and quick access to our king cakes during Carnival season,”  Meredith Timberlake of Haydel’s said.

The new Haydel’s Pop-Up Outlet popped up inside the SnoWizard stand on Magazine and Constantinople streets and will be there through March 3rd.

“We chose SnoWizard because it’s a great location.  It’s not sno ball season.  It’s king cake season.  The space isn’t being utilized in the winter, so it’s a great opportunity to get king cakes to all the people in that area,”  Timberlake said.

King cake lovers are excited about this new Pop-Up.

“I don’t have to drive all the way to Jefferson,”  Mindy Vickers said.

“It’s just going to be as busy as the SnoWizard stand.  I don’t buy any other king cakes, but Haydel’s,”  Melissa Overton said.

Haydel’s king cakes are definitely a New Orleans tradition.  With this Pop-Up, a new tradition begins.

In addition to king cakes, they’ll be selling cajun kringles, turtles, macaroons, and petifores.

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