Frozen Faucets & Busted Pipes: Frigid Weather Keeps Plumbers Busy

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Frozen faucets and busted pipes. Frigid temperatures are creating a mess and keeping Master Plumber Allen Fruge very busy.

“It’s been really crazy. This morning started off slow, but as things defrosted or thawed out, that’s when the leaks started,” says Fruge who owns Al’s Plumbing on the North Shore.

Standing water and freezing temperatures make ice. It’s the ice inside the pipes pushing some to the limit.

Mandeville resident Elizabeth Lewis says, “We woke up this morning thinking great, we have water, everything is good, and then about 1pm this afternoon I heard a noise, like a pop sound, and then water was pouring out into the yard here so then I turned off everything and called the plumber.”

From raised homes to hair salons Fruge is servicing them all. At Element in Mandeville water woes did not impact business; it actually gave way to some very clever ladies.

Tera Sercovich with Element Salon says, “We’ve got a little set up where we’ve got hot water for tea and they made this little thing where we have glass bowls. Deborah has been heating the glass bowls, and Patrice has been heating glass bowls and they use the hot water mixed with the cold water and we’ve been using distilled Kentwood water on everybody’s hair today, which is probably better for their color!”

Fruge’s top priority tonight is getting everyone’s water back on and preparing for what he expects to be another busy day tomorrow.

“By now it’s probably hard to get insulation, so just let the water run.”


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