How New Orleanians Are Facing the Cold with Caution

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Dealing with a hard freeze is unfamiliar territory for a lot of people

Especially on the South Shore.

New Orleanians are facing the cold with discretion.

Neighbors on the West End who care for stray cats near the Lake Pontchartrain shoreline, supply the cool kitty’s with food and shelter.

“We’ve kind of forgotten that it actually does freeze here,” says the proprietor at the Royal Street Bed and Breakfast.

He says a fountain outside turning to ice is a sign from Mother Nature to protect expensive vegetation, “Cloth is usually the best.”

Aaron, The doorman at Balcony Music Club says his best sales pitch to lure customers on this record cold temperature night is assuring them it’s warm inside, “I’m a skinny guy. So I gotta keep moving. Layers and gloves my friend,” says Aaron, just starting his shift. “ But the party here,  it’s not going to stop until everybody is having a great time. Welcome to BMC!”

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