Winter Storms Around the Country Affecting Local Travelers

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Big snow at other airports across the country caught travelers at Armstrong International off guard.

However, weather delays bring good and bad.

Good, the storm in the North East is pushing through.

“It seems like yesterday things were worse,” says traveler Stephanie Sims.  “We’re lucky that we are not stuck in those airports.”

Bad, if you`re Kenny Crenshaw, “I actually was stuck in Philadelphia for the past 24 hours.”

Good,  blue sunny skies here, “And snow home,” says Jeff Westlake.

Bad, if you`re Kenny Crenshaw, “We were on the plane for at least five hours. It was snowing pretty good. Snow out all on the runway.”

Good, If New Orleans is your destination, “Everything in New Orleans is absolutely fabulous,” says Sarah Mungia. “As long as you were coming south you were good.”

Bad, if you’re Kenny Crenshaw, “Pilot took us back to the gate and we never made it back on that plane.”

Good, the chairs at Louis Armstrong.

“These are awesome chairs,” says Westlake.

“I know. I love them, “says a traveler from New York. “I call them mushroom chairs.”

“First time I saw an airport with that kind of chair,” says another.

The comfy airport waiting chairs are no accident.

“No it`s not,” says an airport worker. “We got to get underneath these seats when they got dust particles.”

And if your name is Kenny Crenshaw, things could be worse, “I slept on a chair like this last night.”