We Are Responsible

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One of the first murders in metro New Orleans in the new year was one of our worst.  Sergeant Joseph Anderson, who survived 3 tours of duty fighting in Iraq, couldn’t survive the streets of Marrerro.  Anderson was gunned down, probably by some worthless kid, who law enforcement will find.  That kid will end up at Angola for life and cost tax payers over $1 million if he stays there a few decades.

The problem isn’t that these types of murders occur all to frequently in the metro area.  The problem is we accept this type of behavior and have for a long time.  When tourists or other visitors to our city see this and realize it doesn’t happen as frequently in their home town, it obviously reflects poorly on us.  We tolerate this type of behavior when other communities don’t.  We almost have a second rate attitude here, that less than what we all deserve is ok.  It’s mind boggling.

Just yesterday crooked Edwin Edwards was contemplating running for congress at age 86.  It’s that exact mentality that we embrace instead of running from it.  The Edwin Edwards of the world are indirectly responsible for Sargent Joseph Anderson’s death.  Politicians that enrich themselves at the cost of education, economic opportunity, and safety for us.  If we had real leadership in our state, leading to real prosperity, the number of murders and other violent crime would diminish greatly.  Uneducated, ignorant, and no possibility of a real life lead these thugs to do what they only know to do, murder folks and commit other violent crime.

It’s time to care.  It’s time to step up and realize we are all responsible for this.  It’s out city. We all live here.  And Sargent Joseph Anderson deserved better from us.