Philly Police Pose As Saints Fans

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A family friendly atmosphere is the goal behind a warning to Eagles fans.

Philadelphia police will disguise themselves as Saints fans to help keep the peace during Saturday’s game.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter has details and reaction.

To insure eagles fans are on their best behavior Philadelphia police will be in Saints gear and peppered throughout game day crowds at the stadium.

A warning was issued in Philly Thursday.

Anyone planning to pick on saints fans could encounter a cop in disguise.

“You may find yourself in handcuffs at minimum you’re going to find yourself out on Patterson avenue,” said Chief Insp. Joe Sullivan

In other words kicked out of the stadium.

At Walk-Ons sports bar in New Orleans fans react.

“I’m glad they’re doing it,” Saints fan Kenny Burnette said. “It’s just kinda sad that it had to come to that.”

“They have to publicize it for Eagles fans to say we’re looking out of your behavior,” Saints fan Joe Canizaro said. “It’s pretty sad.”

Football fans are notorious for behaving badly in some cities.

Remember the chilly reception Chicago Bears fans dished out to Saints fans after Hurricane


They were outright rude and insensitive.

And just last year the Saints bus was bombed with eggs in Atlanta.

This group says there’s a reason Philly police issued the warning.

“I also grew up in the northeast, grew up watching the patriots, and became a Saints fan when I moved here,” Canizaro said. “Go to a game in Foxboro you can’t talk to the opposing team. You got a game in the dome you can talk to anybody. ”

“For some reason in the northeast it’s not like that every game I’ve gone to up there if you’re wearing a different jersey you keep quiet and to yourself and enjoy a silent victory,” Canizaro said.

During the last Eagles home game police arrested 15 rowdy fans and 68 others were kicked out.

Crews there will work to remove snow from the stadium before game time to keep fans from throwing snow balls.

“We’re going to be out here with sufficient man power to put a very quick and decisive end to any type of behavior like that,” Sullivan said.

“At least our people will be safe and protected and have a good time,” Burnette said.

The code of conduct is posted outside of the stadium and police promise to be extra vigilant.

They’re asking sports fans to arrive early because security checks will take longer.