Suspect Identified In Christmas Night Bar Shooting

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Slidell Police have identified a suspect in the Christmas night shooting that killed two people and put six others in the hospital.

Several witnesses have come forward.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter tells us about the video that’s helped police make a break in the case.

A memorial is growing outside Shooters Bar in the Historic Old Town

District of Slidell.

Its where trouble inside the bar Christmas night spilled out onto the street.

Witness describe an argument, turned fist fight that ended in a multiple shooting in which two

people died.

“That shouldn’t have been something that happened,” Slidell resident Rodney Holman said.

Shocked and saddened the community struggles; as Slidell Police wasted no time searching for suspected shooter, 22-year old Jamieon Chatman.

He’s accused of killing Errol Scott, Mark Womack, and injuring 6 others.

“We have issued warrants for his arrest,” Slidell Police Chief Randy Smith said. “Two counts of second degree homicide and six counts of attempted homicide.”

Friday afternoon police issued a BOLO for Chatman.

Trotter asked Holman, “Ever seen this guy? Never seen the individual before,” he replied.

“I’ve never seen him before, never,” resident Michael Garcia responded.

Investigators say Chatman is seen on video footage obtained from area businesses, as well as cell phone video from several different witnesses.

“The video shows our shooter pull a gun and open fire into the crowd,” Chief Smith said. “It was at least 75 people or more during a physical altercation when he decided for some reason to pull a gun out and started firing.”

Police released two photos of Jamieon Chatman taken after two prior arrests.

“This individual is considered armed and dangerous,” Smith said.

Police cast out a wide net.

“I want to find him too. I’ll remember that face, I don’t forget faces,” Garcia said.

Friday evening Rodney Holman urged Chatman to do the right thing.

“To come forward and own up to what actually happened,” Holman said.

The Crimestoppers reward for information leading to Chatman’s arrest has been bumped up to $7500.

Anyone with information into Chatman’s whereabouts is asked to call Crimestoppers or Slidell Police.

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