Houma Pastor Leads Way to Help Family of Triple Fatal Christmas Morning Fire

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A relief effort in is underway for two families who lost everything, including the lives of three children.

Those in the Bravo family who escaped injury in the Christmas morning fire are regrouping the best they can in a West Houma motel room.

“We are sad but we are here and the kids are doing great,” says father Amilcar Bravo, interpreted through Pastor Sal Herrera. “We are still sad because of what happened even though they try to give us words to encourage us, we still feel very sad.”

A silver lining, one of Bravo’s daughters testifies being plucked from the fire by someone who remains unknown, “The smallest one. Nobody knows who brought her out.  That’s a miracle from God.”

Pastor Herrera is rounding up donations at Iglesia de Dios Getsemani in East Houma, “The community has been very gracious in Houma. There is a lot of calls from people who just want to help.”

Back at the motel, with no home clothes or money, the Bravo family prepares for a long road to recovery, while grieving at the same time, “The last thing I did with them the night of the tragedy, we were playing table games,” says Amilcar. “I saw that they were sleepy. I told them to go to bed everybody went to bed. That was the last time I saw them.”

Herrera says funeral expenses for the three children ages 11, 12, and 13 presents a tremendous burden on the family.

But for now, Herrera says any and all donations can be brought to two locations.

In Houma-  Iglesia de Dios Getsemani church at 431 grand Caillou Rd.  http://www.yellowpages.com/houma-la/mip/iglesia-de-dios-getsemani-452705275

In Metairie- Iglesia de Dios Getsemani church at 2701 Transcontinental drive.  http://iglesiadediosgetsemani.org/

Church member Maria says she will pick up donations. Call 985-360-7484

Stay tuned for Bank Account Information for financial contributions.