Two Dead After Christmas Bar Shooting

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SHOOTERS Two people are dead after a shooting ended a highly promoted Christmas party.

It happened in the Historic Old Town neighborhood in Slidell.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter has the latest on the police investigation.

“Old Town is not this kind of place,” Shooters bar owner said. “Old town is generally a good area to come out and have a good time.”

“I thought they were talking about someplace else honestly,” resident Amy Geiman said.

The Slidell community is still reeling over the chaos on Christmas.

What started Wednesday night as a special event with a good turnout ended badly.

“Last night was supposed to be a good night,” one witness said.

Blood stained sidewalks paint the picture of the argument inside Shooters Bar that escalated outside into a multiple shooting.

Four security guards on duty, did what they could to stop the trouble between two men.

The bar owner didn’t want to be identified, but explained, “They broke up the situation.” “They were arguing and then they escorted the gentlemen that were initiating the argument outside.”

“I honestly feel like it was more of a show,” the witness added. “I feel like most of it started because they wanted to show out and it escalated.”

Witnesses say someone pulled a gun and opened fire into the crowd.

In the end eight people were wounded.

22-year old Errol Scott died at the scene, and 23-year old Mark Womack later died at the hospital.

“It’s sad I feel bad for their families, to have to lose somebody at all and to lose them like this especially on a holiday is just unbearable,” Geiman reacted.

The unidentified witness says he attended the highly promoted party.

“Right now I just want to apologize to the families that lost loved ones and I apologize to everybody who got hit because it’s sad, people come out to have a good time and they gotta go through something like that.”

As police search for who’s responsible, Amy Geiman and her family wait for swift justice.

“Hope they find them fast, you know,” Geiman said. “This needs to be squashed immediately so that people don’t get the idea that they can come out and do this in our town.”

Slidell Police are following strong leads in the case.

They are asking anyone with information that might help to call Crimestoppers.