Two Arrested In Vehicle Vandalism Investigation

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There are new details in a vehicle vandalism investigation on the West Bank.

Jefferson Parish deputies have arrested two suspects in the case.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter tells us how authorities made a break in the case, and he has reaction from victims.

“I’m glad they caught this boy, because he sure ruined a lot of people’s Christmas, having to put out all the extra money,” victim Betty Cimo said.

She has little sympathy for 19-year old Christopher Flanagan.

Jefferson Parish investigators say Flanagan is a suspect in Tuesday morning’s multiple vehicle vandalism case.

Cimo’s Ford Escape was among the damaged.

“My son-in-law come outside and he came in to tell me somebody left me a Christmas present; and I’m getting all excited, and I come out and here’s my car with the back window all blown out.”

Vehicle owners throughout several Marrero subdivisions reported a total of 166 cars, trucks, and SUV’s with windows that had been shot out; investigators say with a high-powered pellet gun.

Using security camera footage from area homes detectives tracked a Ford Escape to Flanagan.

He confessed to the crime, surrendered the weapon, and led deputies to his alleged accomplice, 20-year old Dacotha Hamilton.

“They old enough to know better,” Cimo said. “You know that’s really ashamed, ashamed to do it especially on Christmas Eve, you know when everybody’s supposed to be happy.”

Josh Borges lives in a neighboring subdivision.

He’s one of the lucky ones.

“They probably got about thirty, forty cars in my neighborhood,” Borges said.

Given the toll the shooting spree has had on family and friends, Borges feels pity for the victims.

He’s not quite sure how he feels about the suspects.

“Yeah you feel bad for them but at the same time you know, my 80-year old grandma has got her back window shot out so you know in that respect I don’t really feel bad at all.”

“I feel sorry for the parents,” Cimo added.

Hamilton and Flanigan were both booked with 42-counts of misdemeanor and felony criminal damage.

Additional charges are pending.


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