More Than 100 Vehicles Vandalized In Jefferson Parish

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Detectives in Jefferson Parish have arrested two suspects in a

multi-vehicle vandalism case.

Windows were shot out to more than one hundred vehicles Monday night.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter has details and reaction from a victim.

The search was on in Jefferson Parish, for the better part of Tuesday. Detectives were looking for the Grinch who shattered windows at Christmas.

“A lot of people are already pinching a few pennies trying to get some Christmas shopping done and with something like this happening it really puts a strain on you,” repairman Roger Michel said.

Investigators say someone went through several Marrero neighborhoods overnight; using a high-powered pellet gun to shoot out rear windows to more than one hundred vehicles.

“There were some vehicles unfortunately that had their rear windows and side windows shot out,” Jefferson Parish Spokesman John Fortunato said.

Victims were peppered throughout subdivisions like Hillcrest, south of Ames Boulevard.

Marguerite Cooper is one of them.

“The police man rang my doorbell at 5:30 this morning,” she said.

But this was no Christmas delivery.

“So when I looked out and saw it was a policeman he said ma’am do you know your back window was blown out and I said no I don’t,” Cooper recounted.

In some cases deputies delivered the news to unsuspecting victims; in others vehicle owners found out themselvesĀ  on what should have been a day to sleep in for many.

“It’s unfortunate that when they did wake up and they went outside to check on their vehicles or whatever or to leave that’s when they discovered their vehicles were vandalized,” Fortunato said.

At last count a total of 166 vehicles were damaged.

“It’s really devastating to think children would go out there, or even grown-ups, whoever it is, to do something like that; to spoil somebody’s holiday and property,” Cooper said.

Repairman Roger Michel has gotten back to back calls. Making countless repairs is business he didn’t expect.

“I planned on taking the day off, get some last minute Christmas shopping done but once the calls started coming in I had to get to work so,” Michel said.

Detectives are sharing an image from security camera footage. They believe the vehicle pictured is involved in the multiple cases of vandalism.

“I do sure hope they catch them and they give them the punishment they deserve,” Cooper said.

Late Tuesday night JP Spokesman John Fortunato released a statement, saying two suspects in the case have been arrested.

Investigators are asking neighbors in the targeted area to check their security camera footage for images that may help with the ongoing investigation.