Meacham, Saints, Marine Corps Distribute Toys and Bikes

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The Saints gave-away the game on Sunday… but they were giving-away toys on Monday.

Saints headquarters became Santa’s workshop for whole slew of little who dats.

It doesn’t take much for wide receiver Robert Meacham to catch the holiday spirit.

“It’s the time of year for giving,” says Meacham who join teammates and the United States Marine Corp,  giving away toys and bikes.

Battling a medical condition, Evangeline Johnson says she’s here because it’s the only Christmas her children will get, “My kids had to get something for Christmas this year.  So they can have something instead of nothing.”

Meacham says that’s why he’s here, “A mom or a father to have to say that this is the only Christmas they’re going to get, you want to try to buy as many toys as you can.”

Meacham and the Saints put their own money forward to buy all those toys and bikes.

Participating families were pre-selected.