NOPD’s 7th District Police Seek Out Helping Families in Need

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The NOPD’s 7th District is tracking more than criminals this holiday season.  They’re also in hot-pursuit of families in need.

Police in New Orleans East spent their own money to provide food basket dinners for close to 30 families.

Besides a hearty meal, the goal for these random acts of kindness is to build relationships.

Policemen and women are asked to think of their own less fortunate people they feel is most worthy of a big box of food.

Coordinator Lieutenant Gervis Allison says the theory is… who better knows where people in-need are, than police officers who patrol the community?

“I’m surprised. I never ever had this happen where the police bring me something,” says Salvador, a recipient of one turkey dinner with all the fixings.

Officer Marsha Thompson says she plans to hand out a food basket to Amy, whom she arrested on theft charges Monday, “I asked her what her reason was. She was honest and said, well I have two little girls and I’m trying to get Christmas together.”

Lt. Allison wants to give a “shout out” to LeBlanc’s in Gonzales, LA for their food box contributions.

The holiday spirit won’t let-up at the 7th District H.Q.

Lt. Allison says next, they are helping kids whose parents are incarcerated.

Police are buying bicycles (again, out of their own pockets) to be given away closer to Christmas day.


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