Armored Car Heist Leaves One Dead: Neighbor Says Victim Was Aware Of Dangers

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“Every time the Saints made a touchdown I’d go pound on my wall and he’d know it. He wouldn’t do anything, but he knew what I was doing,” says Richard Miller.

Tonight Richard Miller found out his friend and neighbor won’t be coming home. The coroner’s office confirms 45-year-old Hector Trochez of Kenner was shot to death late Wednesday morning.

Trochez worked for Loomis. He was unloading money in the parking lot of the Chase branch on South Carrollton and Claiborne when police say three men shot him to death and took off with an undisclosed amount of cash.

“He’d give me stories when he’d go in and someone would get too close to him. He’d put his hand on his gun and say, you know, back off because he was very conscious of his work,” says Miller.

Police say the men initially drove off in a Tahoe. They say it was ditched behind an abandoned house a few blocks away and the three men were last seen driving off in a gray Hyundai with temporary Louisiana plate 14021654.

“I didn’t know if she was shot or not,” says Carolyn Treaudo.

Carolyn Treaudo is the aunt of Trochez’s partner. She says her niece, Anjanee Treaudo, has been driving for Loomis for about a year. She was there when her partner was ambushed and despite the shootout Treaudo was not hurt.

“I’m very thankful, but I’m just so really upset about her partner because, you know, it’s going to affect her tremendously. I just thank God that she’s okay,” says Carolyn Treaudo.

Oddly enough a similar situation unfolded blocks away 6 years ago almost to the day. On December 13th 2007 four men robbed an armored car outside the Capital One bank on Carrollton. They too took off in one car, and ditched it a few blocks later for another. The case remains unsolved.

Today’s heist has Richard Miller concerned. He worries about his friends family and how they’ll get through this holiday season.

“It’s going to tear her up. I know it,” says Miller.

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