If NORAD Escorts Santa Who Escorts Baby Jesus?

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The video is a familiar one. Santa Claus, trekking across North America and being tracked by NORAD so the kiddies know when they can expect a visit from the “right jolly old elf.” But this year is different, the American obsession with all things military has interrupted the NORAD tracking by injecting fighter jets as “wingmen” for Santa. The jets only appear for a few seconds but that was enough for many people including Josh Golin of the Committee for a Commercial free Childhood. Golin, called the YouTube video “reprehensible…It’s a backdoor way of marketing to kids when they are not supposed to be recruiting until they are much older.” I assume he means recruiting for service in the Air Force which if done by the Chinese, Cubans or Russians would draw out American cries of “warfare states” training “future killers.” But of course,”American exceptionalists” don’t see US that way, and there’s the problem.

The military has become part of nearly every American activity: sporting events, civic meetings and even specialized “hear us O’ Lord” prayers at Catholic church services. A stroll down memory lane shows that U.S. propaganda depicted any member of the Soviet Union military as blood thirsty in the extreme, think Red Dawn or as a steroided up cheater in Rocky IV. This is not to say that the U.S. military and its members are equivalent to the Russian Red Army but maybe Santa & the jetfighter escort video should cause some “red flags” to be raised. After all who would shoot down St. Nick? Has the Grinch become a North Korean? Was the magic-hat-magician from Frosty The Snowman concealing an Iranian RPG in that hat? I think Golin has a fair point. I’d like to also point out that NORAD has never offered to escort The Three Wisemen to see baby Jesus, who also arrives on Christmas eve.

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