Orleans Coroner to re-open Henry Glover death investigation

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The family of Henry Glover, the man shot to death by NOPD officer David Warren in the days after Hurricane Katrina, jammed into the Orleans Parish Coroner’s Office Monday morning demanding that Coroner Frank Minyard classify how Glover died.

In response, the coroner is re-opening the case.

Eight years ago, the Coroner’s Office labeled Glover’s death unclassified because investigators didn’t have enough evidence to make a call.

Coroner Minyard met with the family and says he will take another look.

“We are reopening the case today,” Coroner Minyard said. “We hope in the next five or six days to get ahold of some more good evidence that we can use. And if it’s possible, if it’s forensically possible, we will change that to homicide, but I don’t want to give anybody any false hope.”

Last week, a jury decided former New Orleans Police Officer David Warren did not violate Glover’s civil rights or violate any gun laws when he shot Glover from the second story of an Algiers strip mall. Now, the protesters want to seek state charges and that’s why the coroner’s classification is so important.