Clarkson & Willard Lewis: It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again

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Wow.  What a day yesterday was for New Orleans future.  Or was it about New Orleans past?  Who knows but yesterday was very telling about our city.  Long time city Councilperson Jackie Clarkson is running for office.  Yet again.  At 78 years old she’s running for her old District C seat.  As she said it was a “call to duty”.  Was duty spelled d-u-t-y or d o-o, oh never mind.  Anyway, Clarkson will run again and is the early favorite to win.

If that wasn’t enough, tomorrow night Cynthia Willard Lewis, loser of 3 of her last 4 elections, is expected to announce that she is running for her old District E seat.   Amazing.  It’s 2013, about to be 2014 not 1994 right?  But there they are, Jackie and Willard Lewis running again.

A caller on my radio show yesterday afternoon after hearing the news said if the people in the East and the folks on the Westbank elect these two yet again, they deserve exactly what they get.  He’s right.