Jurors Yet To Reach A Verdict In Case Of Ex-NOPD Officer Involved In Post Katrina Shooting

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After listening to days of testimony and deliberating for more than six hours tonight jurors have yet to make up their minds in the retrial of former NOPD Officer David Warren, saying in a note to the judge that for the last two hours of deliberations they had not made any progress.

“I don’t know. I’m just hoping it’s a good sign that’s all” says Henry Glover’s Aunt, Rebecca Glover, while walking out of the courtroom.

It’s been a long night for all families involved.

Warren is accused of shooting and killing an unarmed man, Henry Glover, in the days following Hurricane Katrina from the second story of a strip mall in Algiers. Warren testified in his defense saying he thought Glover had something in his hands. Eyewitness testimony is just the opposite, saying Glover ran away when he saw warren armed with a rifle and that Glover was shot in the back. The problem is there is no forensic evidence as Glover’s body was later burned.

This trial is warren’s second. His prior conviction and sentence were thrown out after an appeals court found he  was unjustly tried alongside other officers who covered up the crime by burning Glover’s body.

Late tonight defense attorney’s representing Warren said this: “We just have to wait and see what the result is. The judge doesn’t really want us commenting, but when it’s all over we’ll be glad to answer any questions you folks have.”

Jurors are expected back in Federal Court at 9am.