Artist Dies Months After Carjacking Attack

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Months after her brutal attack during an attempted carjacking, an Uptown artist dies from her injuries.

The attack happened in front of the woman’s nine year old daughter.

On August 24, 34-year-old Tshepiso Matapeng-Sani, a Botswana-born artist, fought-back when a man tried to take her car.

“She was mugged and beat with a gun while her daughter was in the car,” says friend Leandra Shipps.

The aggravated assault happened near her home Uptown.

Tshepiso was hospitalized with head injuries, but found strength returning to sell her art behind St. Louis cathedral.

“It definitely took a toll. Definitely took a toll,” said artist Stephen Serrano, “You could definitely tell.”

Artist Maria Kramer says Tshepiso died at the hospital the Saturday after Thanksgiving,” Leaving behind her husband and a child. Beautiful girl here, Jolie. Tshepiso we love you. We miss you so much.”

Friends says there`s frustration at doctors, who couldn`t detect the severity of Tshepiso`s head injury, and at police, because the killer is still at large, “So the family is very upset,” says Kramer.

“She went to three hospitals,” says Shipps. “Saw seven doctors and no one could detect anything. Until it was too late.”

Still, friends and colleagues are paying tribute behind St. Louis Cathedral by hanging Tshepiso’s art and other mementos where she used to set up shop.

“I know her husband was a big inspiration for her,” says Shipps. “As far as the subject matter of her paintings, I have no idea. I think just all of her life just really went into her work.”

“There was no faking the funk with her,” says Serrano.  “And it was wonderful. She was an amazing beautiful person.”

Funeral services for Tshepiso’s were over the  weekend in St. Louis.

The NOPD says this investigation remains open.

“You`re a great artist,” says Kramer while reflecting on the memorial.  “And we will always have you in our hearts.”