35 Animals Removed from Thibodaux Home

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It’s not a sight anyone wants to see. 35 animals are now living at the Lafourche Parish Animal Shelter. One by one each was plucked from a home on Oakley Street in Thibodaux. The animal shelter says they received 14 cats, 18 kittens, and three puppies from the home.

45-year-old Lorencia Raffray was also taken away by Thibodaux Police and booked with 35 counts of animal cruelty and cruelty to a juvenile. She has since bonded out.

“If you’re going to put animal cruelty on me for trying to take animals, I understand how I have a child in my house, but I want to teach my child that you’re supposed to try to help people and animals, especially animals, they don’t have their own voice. I’m not a hoarder. I never was,” says Raffray.

Police say an anonymous tip led them to her home. They say whoever called said Lorencia’s daughter hadn’t been to school because she was being bullied because she smelled like urine.

“We found urine and feces inside the home and I believe officers did find some on the bed that the juvenile stays in,” says Thibodaux Police PIO David Melancon, “Officers had to rotate in and out of the home to go outside to get fresh air while they were removing the animals.”

Raffray says people drop off animals at her house and she couldn’t turn them away. She says now she’s focusing on family.

“I’m going to clean my house up and I’m going to straighten up. I’m going to get my daughter back because my daughter is my life. I’m a single mom and I will do anything for my child. I will do for anyone of my children, and my grandbabies and I will get myself a fish tank and I will have fish in it so no one can tell me about my fish,” says Raffray.

For now Raffray’s daughter is staying with relatives and her animals are being cared for at the Lafourche Parish Animal Shelter.

The Lafourche Parish Animal Shelter is also housing close to 40 other animals that they are home to find homes for before the holidays.

You can foster a pet over the holidays. The ‘Home for the Holidays’ foster a pet program is being held on Saturday, December 14th from 9am until Noon. Animals can be picked up as late as December 20th. All animals must be returned on Monday, January 6th, if you choose not to keep the pet.

The Deposit Fee:

$15 for a male cat

$25 for a female cat

$30 for a male dog

$35 for a female dog

*deposit will serve as the adoption fee is the foster parent decides to keep their new pet.

For more information on the Lafourche Parish Animal Shelter click here.