Nelson Mandela: the father of modern South Africa and one of mankind’s greatest leaders

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Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s iconic leader, has died.

Mandela was mostly known as a political prisoner during South Africa’s apartheid era of white racist rule who was released after 27 years behind bars and ascended to South Africa’s presidency.

All of that is amazing enough, but Mandela himself proved to be even more amazing.

Mandela’s rise to power is one of the great stories of mankind but his attitude along the way proved to be his greatest strength. Never once was Mandela bitter. Never once was Mandela tempted to “get even” with his white oppressors. His former wife, Winnie, and many of the oppressed blacks, wanted vengeance against their oppressors.  They wanted to pull an Eddie Jordan/Bill Jefferson and essentially fire all the white workers in the DA’s office.

Mandela was smarter than that. And better than that. He never wavered, instead securing South Africa’s future. He knew blacks and whites must live and work together for South Africa to move forward as one nation.

Mandela once said if you work with you enemies and come to an agreement, you become partners. That is exactly what Mandela did, embracing both South Africa’s black and white population, equally. An amazing man who came to power at exactly the right time.

Nelson Mandela, the father of modern South Africa and one of mankind’s greatest leaders.